Robert O'Neal

Eighty-year-old new American author with a lot of stories to tell

My life has always been many shades of blue.

The mountain skies of the United States are beautiful blue and, like my life, complex and turbulent. Under these magnificent skies, I am immersed in the glory and grandeur of America.

The world's tropical oceans are also shades of blue but create very different and exciting emotions with every shade. My life on the water was wonderful but always turbulent.

I keep a weekly journal of observations of life around me and often add notes in the margins about related things that happen. My journal has become an inspiration for my books.

I have written three books with many more in the planning. I hope you enjoy them.

Please page down to see my books. I provided links to preview and/or to purchase them if you are so inclined.

The Bloodline and the Jinn

Following the Normans' conquest at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the man who will become my 22nd Great Grandfather (born in 1207) became Henry III, King of England and Lord of Ireland. He was the first of six kings in my direct Bloodline, followed by Nobility and Royalty, skilled professional men and women, and American Colony landowners.

The book would not have been possible if not for my years in Saudi Arabia. While working for the US Federal Government, I was given an ancient parchment by an old Bedouin on the Saudi Desert (Rub' al Khali, The Empty Quarter). He told me that it was written with the help of the Jinn and could enable my consciousness to jump back in time and learn the truth about my tribe. "But be careful; the Jinn are not your friends and cannot always be trusted ."

My Bloodline contains only direct-line ancestors, child to parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, all the way back to the beginning, all my descendants with no breaks (my lineage).

All the names and dates in the book and my ancestry are authentic and well documented. However, the Jinn and all information found with their help is another story. Remember, you cannot always trust the Jinn.

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Saudi Oil and Maryland Water

After living a quiet family life on the Potomac, Robert O’Neal was requested by the US Federal Government to assist Saudi Arabia to build their National Computer Center and train them to use it. The date is November 3, 1976. The O’Neal family arriving in Riyadh was like entering a time machine. They had very little in common with the norms, values, and customs of the people of Saudi Arabia. Money seemed to be falling from the sky.

Robert was trained to observe users of the Computer Center and report any foreign organization attempting to access Saudi confidential information.

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A Box of Pictures ages eight to eighteen

Written in the words of a nine-year-old boy living on the water at Solomons Island, Maryland, the author tenderly depicts the impacts of World War II on the O’Neal family. “My brother and I heard people whispering about German spies landing on the coast.” Everyone thought they must be heading to the Naval Air Station where Dad worked. “We needed to keep our shades pulled down tight at night.”

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